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This is where you can learn quickly with no investment other than time how to earn a six figure income and be your own boss forever..



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SFI creates over a million hits per month. That is pretty easy math to say the least. Become a member of SFI and let the world be your oyster..

If you're like most Internet users...your email inbox is bombarded with get-rich-quick schemes. Most of us delete them without so much as a quick glance. Yet deep down, I think we all know that amongst the junk there has to be a few jewels. After all, the Internet is a multi-billion dollar marketplace, soon to be multi-TRILLION!. There's got to be SOMEBODY who's developed a legitimate opportunity for cashing in on the Internet revolution.

There is, but you've probably missed it because unlike the get-rich-now hawkers, this company detests hype. Yet, ironically, their growth is unprecedented

Remember when a network marketing company considered itself a major player in the industry when it reached 100,000 representatives? This company recently added 180,000+ sales reps just in FEBRUARY alone!

The company is the SFI Marketing Group. SFI is the creation of Gery Carson, who in the 1980's pioneered the Direct Mail model for network marketing. Gery is also the author of the book, The Home Business Revolution's Greatest Entrepreneurs, and the publisher of Six-Figure Income Magazine.

With that kind of a resume, it not surprising that his new Internet-based marketing network is putting up impressive numbers. But over 5000 new sales reps added a DAY?! What's the attraction?

Here's a partial list:

1. You can sign up FREE, get a FREE Website, and test drive the program for as long as you want at absolutely no cost or obligation EVER.

2. A lucrative compensation plan. Tens of thousands of SFI's members are already receiving monthly commission checks, totaling over $3 MILLION dollars since July 1st.

3. SFI understands the Internet. SFI itself is totally database-driven which means that almost everything happens in real-time. From SFI's powerful central Admin site, there's online, real-time genealogies, plus numerous other tools to manage your business such as instant group messages via email.

4. Perfect for the "little guy." There are no group volume requirements. In fact, the toughest thing you ever have to do with SFI is give away free stuff.

5. Refer just three new members to SFI and you can automatically start earning a portion of EVERY sale...EVERY month...made by SFI's OVER 3.7 MILLION affiliates and members worldwide.

6. FREE 24-Hour Professional Consultation. Each SFI affiliate is assigned three leaders to provide free consultation and support.

7. The Internet is exploding worldwide. USA TODAY recently reported that over 170,000 new people are getting online every 24 hours. Many smart business people are becoming millionaires on the Internet. And this is just the beginning! With SFI you can grab your share.

8. Thanks to the Internet and SFI's smartly-designed infrastructure, your business expenses are minimal. You can contact thousands on the Internet via email, search engines, directories, free ads, etc. All free! No door to door sales. No postage. No printing. No brochures. No tapes. No videos. No long distance calls. Instant communication -- worldwide.

9. Don't know anything about marketing on the Internet? Included FREE when you sign up with SFI is an ongoing course in making money on the Internet. It's emailed to you FREE 1-2 times per month, plus there's also a Website of all the past lessons. EVEN IF YOU END UP DOING NOTHING WITH SFI, GET SIGNED UP AND GET THIS INVALUABLE COURSE!!!

10. FREE Co-op. SFI has provided over 700,000 of its affiliates with free leads. Join SFI now (for FREE) and you may start receiving free leads (leads that can add to your monthly commission check) within hours.

That just a small SAMPLING of the benefits the SFI program delivers. The best way to learn all about SFI is to sign up as an affiliate. There's no cost or obligation. ------
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