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When it comes to original mucical scores for film and other multimedia applications its best to have the Doctor. Introducing Mr. Dominick DeMieri, "Music Scientest", a master at the art of creating sounds both unique and original. We highly reccomend him.


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Take a trip to Mars, Mars music, where everything from sheet music to Fender guitars are in stock. It's the easy way to get the instruments you need at the best prices on the net.



Click on the picture above for a sample of Garbage and their new music and video..Good stuff!!


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Coming soon to Sound Zone the very latest downloads, pictures and video from LIT.


Click on The LIT picture above and download their new material.


One hundred years ago, the Victor Talking Machine Company was founded, laying the groundwork for what would eventually become RCA Records. To celebrate its centennial, RCA Records has released 16 new, highly collectible CDs spotlighting RCA's most distinguished performers. The flagship album of this collection is The Best of Elvis Presley -- a limited-edition compilation spanning the period from Elvis' very first record, "That's All Right," to the last album released during his life, "Moody Blue." These 14 gems give just a taste of the man and his music, but what a welcome taste it is. Discover this and other RCA classics today.

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