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Show Casting Services, miles ahead of our time.


Show Casting Services
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Register with one of the most complete digital data bases where you can post your resume, upload photos, and wether your a model, dancer, singer, photographer or actor, your information will be available to thousands of casting directors and talent agents..Click on


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By the year 2004, it is predicted that 75% of all
casting will be done digitally. We at T.C.O.I. & Treehouse Productions Ltd. are a step ahead of many and will continue to strive in that direction. If you have comments and or suggestions please write us at: 522 Landfair suite 107 Los Angeles Ca. 90024


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There are many, many, sharks in the waters of
Hollywood. Always do your homework before
making decisions. Ask for credits and references.
Control your own destiny. After all, it is your career.


What Should I Be Careful Of In Choosing a Personal Manager?

Personal Managers are not governed by any of the unions and therefore, must to researched carefully before agreeing to work with one. Some are excellent at getting to know their clients, helping them create and develop a workable image and acting style that eventually helps them find work through agents, etc. Others act as "agents" bilking their clients financially without having the contacts to get them good exposure.


One of the best ways to get started and gain experience is
to contact Central Casting at 220 S. Flower St.
Burbank Ca. 91502
The telephone number to call is 818-562-2755 for details. I
highly reccomend this service.....

The picture below is from the Movie, "Escape from LA".


You must agree that when the camera is
rolling it's a hell of alot of fun, or
could it all be a dream or illusion??

We monitor Hollywood 24-7-365
E-mail us with any questions.

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