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The Company One Inc. A Complete Entertainment Resource Site.

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A Talent Management and Consulting Group with experience that can help you make a difference...


Announcing a New Associate and a fantastic audio and visual website, http://www.MJMsounds, check it out because you will be glad you did. MJM is located on "Sound Zone", and on "Motion Picture Production", on this site.


The Company One Inc. sponsers and endorses Earthshare. There is only one planet so we must take care


If you're searching for opportunities with one of the top film entertainment companies in the world, you've come to the right place.


The Directors Guild of America. Click their icon..

photograph1.jpg from the UK receives over a million hits each month and is a endless wealth of everything to do with the television and motion picture industry. Search by state, country or city, check it out, you'll be glan you did.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Click the ticker below..



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The Company One Inc. is a talent consulting group specializing in helping people enter the world of motion pictures and television. Our contacts in the business allow us to open many doors for our associates, save them money on photo shoots, direct them to honest casting agencys and educate them on the over all business. Motion pictures, production, artist direction, music, modeling, management and more, much, much more...


Visit The Screen Actors Guild by clicking here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Visit The American Federation of Television and Recording Artists by clicking their icon here.




William W. and David H. on break in 1996 at Will Rogers State Beach.

The Company One Inc. will continue to upgrade in order that we are able to provide the very best resource site on the web for our friends and clients. Wm. Wilde CEO